11 Automotive Handy Hints Tips You Need To Learn Now

It isn’t easy for non-mechanic kinds, but certain tasks are simple to complete yourself. The below 11 automotive handy hints or tips can help you finish automobile maintenance and minor repairs without difficulty.

1) Use Sawdust to Soak Up Spills

Get rid of oil spills that have accumulated on your driveway or inside the garage with sawdust. Use an item that’s easily available in the majority of homes such as sawdust. Look into the dust-collection bags that are on your orbital sander, miter saw as well as other tools for power to collect large amounts of sawdust. Sprinkle it on top of the oil and allow it to work for around 20 minutes.

Utilizing a stiff broom sweep the sawdust around your spill several times in order to take in every bit of liquid. Then, you can scoop up the sawdust using a dustpan and put it in an empty plastic bag. put both handles into an untidy knot, and then throw it into the garbage. It is possible to apply an oil-based degreaser to get rid of any oily residue that remains however, the sawdust should be able to pick up the majority of the liquid.

Note: in many states, it’s legal to dispose of oil-soaked sawdust in the trash (as long as the oil is no longer liquid in nature) However it is recommended to examine your local laws and regulations prior to doing this.

2) Best Way to Clean a Car: Brush Out the Air Vents

These louvers are a real magnet for dust, as well as an excellent vacuum with a brush attachment however, you won’t be capable of completing the whole job done. Purchase a paintbrush for a low price equipped with a brush attachment. apply a light mist that polishes furniture. The brush must be pushed into crevices to collect dust. Clean the brush using the help of cloth before moving onto the next.

3) Truck Bed Reach Stick

Loading and unloading your truck can be time-consuming and irritating, especially if you must climb into and out of your truck numerous times. This is a solution to use an extension pole equipped with an attachment for a paint roller that allows you to push or pull objects by putting your feet on the ground. This device takes up a small area, which means you can put it in your vehicle whenever you need it. It’ll help you save time and your back!

Any head of a roller can be used for this tool, so long as it’s big enough to be able to hang around objects that you transport from the rear of your vehicle. The addition of a cover for the roller makes the tool easier to push and pull objects which you don’t want to scratch.

4) Pipe Insulation Car Automotive Handy Hints

The reader James Goldstein came up with an innovative method to prevent objects such as keys and cellphones from falling between the console and seats inside a car. These items could be difficult to find and could be dangerous when it happens during driving. The solution is to cut pieces of insulation pipe made of foam to lengths that would fit in the gaps. Then, inserted them into the gaps on the opposite sides of the console. There is no way to prevent gaps from falling into them now!

5) Cardboard Drop Cloth

Keep big pieces of cardstock from the boxes you carry to your home. Place them on a wall in your workshop or garage to be ready whenever you’re doing a messy job like painting furniture or changing the oil for your vehicle. A large piece of cardboard is a great washcloth that can be used as a disposable.

When you unbox a large item at your house (a new television or kitchen appliance for instance) take one or two large pieces of cardboard and recycle the remainder. Place the cardboard pieces on your work table or against the wall of your workshop or garage. Then you’ll have a drop cloth ready for the next time you have a messy task.

The large pieces of cardstock are ideal to cover your workstation or floor while making furniture or working with messy paint or glue. They can also be useful for DIY automotive jobs. A piece of cardboard is more comfortable to lie on than the road for when you need to slide under your car, and it’s able to keep any drips that drop while you’re working.

6) Lubricate Window Tracks

The freezing water may get into the window tracks, which create drag whenever you attempt in opening your window. This drag could damage the cable that regulates the window, costing you around $300. The solution is to prevent the issue completely by lubricating the track of your windows with the spray of silicone, or Teflon sprays oil. Lower the window and spray straight into the back and front window tracks. Make sure that the lube drips along the track. Then, operate the window with many open and close intervals to distribute the grease over all of the track. Utilize glass cleaner and paper towel to get rid of any spray that falls upon the glass.

7) Compressor Creeper

You can save your back by placing your air compressor on an engineer’s creeper, so you can carry it around your garage or workshop. Depending on the size of the compressor, you might be able to keep your air hose on the creeper as well.

If you do not perform auto maintenance on your own but do have a mechanic’s creeper stored away in your garage, there is another good reason to have a convenient rolling platform. Air compressors can be heavy and difficult to carry around your garage or workshop and so having them placed on wheels will save many sore muscles in the future! Also depending on the dimensions of your compressor, there might be enough space to place your compressor’s hose onto the creeper too.

8) Fix Tears in Leather Seats

A repair kit for leather or vinyl is cheap, and the fix will take only an hour. But don’t expect perfection. You’ll see the tear, and likely will not be able to get the flawless color match. But this solution will be able to contain the tear and appear more attractive than a gaping hole.

1. Glue into the reinforcement fabric

Utilize a Leather repair tool and then tuck the backing underneath the damaged area, creating a patch. Then, apply adhesive around the edges and into the middle. It should dry before adding the colorant.

2. Cure the patch by using heat

Use the heated device ( included with the kit) on the face of a hot iron for clothes. Press the hot tool onto the mat and then hold it there.

3. Check out the results

The patch will not be an ideal leather chair repair. It certainly is better than the appearance of a burn or tear.

9) Saltwater for your car

You’re running late and you do not have a windshield scraper in your car? Try a saltwater mixture. Salt from the road mixed with water will melt away this thin layer as temperatures drop less than 32 degrees F. Then, utilize your wipers to remove the slush. Salt isn’t good for your car, you should use the method with caution.

10) Hands-Free Light Hack

Make pliers into a stand for a flashlight. Set the flashlight’s handle within the jaws of pliers. Put a rubber band between the handle of the pliers holding the jaws in place of the flashlight handle, creating sturdy legs for the hands-free flashlight.

Set the angle the light is pointing to with the help of pliers around to the light handles until the flashlight is illuminating the area you’re working on. That’s it! an instant light that is hands-free. After you’ve used it, take it off of the stand and put it away within your tool bag until the next time.

11) Use a Toothbrush for Detailing

A household item that costs only a few dollars can be an effective device for cleaning spaces inside your vehicle. Similar to how your toothbrush loosens the accumulated debris in between the teeth of your mouth, this will do exactly the same thing to your car. After the gunk has been loosening up and deposited on the floor it’s easy to vacuum it out or clean it off. It’s not just that you can use it as a cleaner for the wheel of your vehicle and headlights, too.


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