How to Restore and Clean Car Headlights


Learn how to restore and clean car headlights make them like new. This simple fix will instantly make your headlights more visible at night.

Plastic lenses may become dull damaged, scratched, and yellow with time. Polishing them will remove the fog. Replace your car’s headlights in less than 45 minutes, at a cost of less than $15 instead of spending $100 to replace them.

Tools Required

  • Flannel polishing cloth
  • Latex gloves
  • Masking tape
  • Dry and wet sandpaper (1000 up to 2500 grit)

Materials Required

  • Polishing with plastic

This procedure does not fix the damage to the inside lens on the inside of the lamp. It is recommended to replace a headlamp if its reflective coating is peeling or has damaged or corroded.

(Step 1) Wash and Sand Horizontally

  • Wash your headlight’s cloudy light by using soapy water that is warm.
  • Rinse thoroughly with plenty of clean water, and then allow it to dry.
  • Mask the part around the lens so that you do not damage the lens.
  • Soak the sandpaper sheets in water. Then, you can begin with the grit you prefer for your particular situation.
  • Sand is in one direction.
  • When using sandpaper, the greater it is, the better the grit. If the headlight is dull or yellowed start with the 1500 grit then move up to 2,500 gr. If there are small scratches start with the 1,000-grit sheet.

(Step 2) Rinse and Sand Vertically

  • Rinse, then change direction to the next grade. Continue this process until you’re done with the paper that has 2,500 grits.

( Step 3 )Polish the Lens using Polish

  • Cleanse the headlight using plenty of clean, cool water, and then dry.
  • Make sure to wet the edge of the using the compound for polishing.
  • With firm pressure, smooth the headlight with an arc until it is clean and smooth.

(Step 4) Polish the Lens

  • Let the polish dry, and then use the clean side on the towel to scrub off any polish remnants.
  • Repeat the polishing procedure.
  • Based on the extent of damage to the headlamp, some areas could still appear fuzzy. Repolishing just those areas with polishing compounds. Re-polish the area and then check. The lens should appear completely clear!
    • To keep clear headlights from fogging Wash frequently using a mild detergent with a soft-bristle brush sponge, rinse by flushing with lots of water, then dry.
    • Don’t clean clear plastics with polish, wax, or any other chemical that isn’t specially designed for the job. That’s how you get rid of headlights yourself!
    • Work in a car could be daunting for those who aren’t mechanically inclined, however doing some of the maintenance yourself is quite simple.


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