What is The Dirtiest Part of The Car?

Your car is dirty, and it’s time to do something about it. The dirtiest place in your car is steering wheel

The steering wheel of your car carries on it the germs your hands brought to wherever your day might bring you. Even if your routine is meticulous about cleaning your car’s interior, and then having it an excursion through the wash the steering wheel may not be cleaned frequently enough as it should be. A steering wheel is a prime place for bacteria.

CarRentals.com conducted a survey of a total of 1,000 drivers in the U.S. and found that 32 percent of drivers only clean their cars each year once. The survey also revealed that 12 percent of drivers have never cleaned their vehicles. Use these suggestions to make the inside of your vehicle better.

How Dirty is Your Car?

There are about 700 kinds of bacteria that live in the average vehicle, which can be dangerous for those who love to eat food in their car. CarRentals.com then broke down the numbers, measuring the number of bacteria per square centimeter. CarRentals.com discovered that the average wheel contained 629 colonies-forming unit of bacteria for every square centimeter which is more soiled than a public toilet (172 CFU) as well as a mobile phone display (100 CFU) and elevator buttons that are accessible to the public (313 CFU). Elevator buttons are one of the reasons you need to clean your hands immediately after touching them.

The cup holder doesn’t impede the steering wheel many mm with regard to dirtiness. It has the typical of 506 CFU for each square centimeter. The seat belt is the third dirtiest, while the inside door handle ranks fourth in accordance with CarRentals.com. These car organizers will help keep your car clean.

A study from 2014 published in Biofouling discovered Staphylococcus as an extremely widespread bacteria that can be found in automobiles that is a source of worry because staph could cause food poisoning as well as skin infections and MRSA.


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