6 Steps to Wash & Clean Your Car Without Water

However, You can actually clean your car without water, the sounds crazy, but it’s true. You can make it happen at home with our easy 6 steps to wash and clean your car without water. The results will amaze you.

Step 1: Find The Right Product

It is essential to keep in mind that you need to select the correct products. In addition, if your vehicle is covered in the mud using a car wash that isn’t water-based won’t help and could even damage the paint of your car. Therefore, use a water-less solution for a clean car if you’ve got only a little dust or dirt, or rinse your vehicle using water to wash off dry dirt.

It is recommended that you browse through the section for automotive products at your local hardware store or visit an auto shop to locate the perfect water-free car wash solution. These are usually packaged with a spray bottle to provide additional convenience. There are also most waterless cleaners that have wax inside, giving the paint of your vehicle an additional layer of protection when you wash it. Additionally, you should select the UV blocking formula to give your car additional protection. While wax can help protect the paint of your car from UV rays formulas offer an additional level of protection.

Step 2: Preparation of the Microfiber cloths

A quality towel will assist to wash and clean the paint of your car but the wrong one will scratch your car. The best guideline is to stick to the minimum weight of 300gsm since the premium fabric is excellent in removing dirt and other debris, as well as making sure that there is no smudging or smearing. Microfiber towels are the ideal cloth is recommended to make use of to clean your car without water because it is smooth and soft, and it protects against scratches. In addition, it is able to collect dirt, so your car will appear cleaner. It is also possible to find an emollient cloth in place of micro-fiber. Anything that can absorb liquids without scratching is perfect. It’s the best tip on how to clean a vehicle without water.

Be sure to purchase a large number of microfiber cloths to aid in cleaning as you’ll use several sides on each towel and move on to a different one when it is dirty.

Step 3: Divide The Car Into Multiple Parts

The third method of how to wash and clean your car without water is to split the car into various sections, and dilute the car wash fluid if needed. When you divide your car into various segments, you make it easier to handle and can ensure you don’t skip any spots. Always start at the top, and then work your way downwards because you don’t want to transfer dust from the lower portion of your car to areas that are cleaner. This is how you can split your vehicle:

  • The glass on the side
  • The roof
  • The trunk and hood
  • The upper portion of the side doors.
  • The lower portion of the side doors.
  • The front bumper
  • The rear bumper
  • The wheels

This is the way to divide your car into multiple panels. You could divide the car in any manner you’d like. It’s all that matters is that it’s easy to carry out the job, and simple to spot. Make use of as much water-free car wash solution as you’ll need to protect the area where you’re working. If you’ve got some tough dirt or even mud, you can use another solution to break it down first.

Certain formulas need diluting with water while other formulas are ready-to-use. Follow the directions in the label to determine what formula you’re using. If you purchased a huge bottle of car wash that is waterless then you’ll need to transfer the contents into the spray bottle. In other cases, the majority of products are available in the form of a spray bottle.

Step 4: Spray The Cleaning Liquid On Each Section

In the next step of how to wash and clean your car without water, you must apply the cleaning fluid to the part you want to clean. Make use of as much water-free car wash liquid as you require to cover the entire area. If there’s dust on your paint you could add a bit of water on the surface to loosen it up, so you don’t overuse the liquid.

The tires are generally more filthy than other parts of your car, and you might need to apply an additional fluid. Be sure to put the tires aside for the end because they are the dirtiest and most difficult to take care of. Each section should be completed to ensure that the fluid does not disappear or leave a cover on the vehicle.

Step 5:Fold Your Microfiber Cloth

After the panel has been spray-painted, begin wiping your microfiber towel in a single direction. Be sure to not move the cloth between the two or in a circular pattern as this can push the dirt around and leave an elongated or swirled pattern over the painting. Be gentle when moving the towel across the spray area to ensure that it doesn’t damage the painting. Be sure to avoid putting too much pressure on the towel. All you need to do is clean up the dirt and fluid using this microfiber cloth. Fold the towel over to reveal the cleanest side, increasing the amount areas that can be cleaned. If your towel is big enough it is possible to fold it twice to create 8 sides usably. If the sides on the front and back are filthy, unroll and fold it back to expose the side that is clean. When you are ready to wipe the surface, you’ll need to apply the clean side in order to not bring back dirt. You don’t want to rub dirt directly on the paint right now, is it? When the towel has been dirty, you can move on to a fresh one.

Refreshing the towel often and then changing the towel right after you have cleaned the car from both sides is essential. Remember that aspect if you wish to cleanse your car using water.

Step 6: Repeat the Process

When your vehicle is filthy and you only have one opportunity for spraying is not enough. We need to continue the procedure. This is the final step of washing the car without water. Continue to the next area of your car after you’re satisfied with the cleanness of the area that you’re working with. Continue the procedure until your entire vehicle is clean, and then work from bottom to top. If you’re using wax-based products, it might need a second or even a third “buff” step. Check the instructions of the product to determine the need for this step.

When You Should Not Wash A Car Without Water

Cleaning your car using water is a huge waste of water, which is why many are thinking about it. However, there are instances that you shouldn’t do it, as we have mentioned in the situation when your car is coated with mud or is overflowing with dirt… When you decide to wash your car with a sprayer to clean and then use a towel to wipe it off it will harm the paint of your car. It is possible to save water but will need to pay a large amount for repairing the paint’s lifespan.

Water doesn’t clean your car

It’s not really the water that is doing the dirty work If you’re still unsure about washing your car without water. If you’re interested in trying the waters, wash your car in just water and allow it to dry. It will soon be apparent that it’s actually not that better than it was an hour earlier.


Cleansing your car on a regular basis will help prevent dust from getting into the paint. The more frequently you clean your car and the easier you will find it easier to eliminate dust and other debris from your car. If you leave it for longer than a month and you don’t clean it, you’ll likely struggle to get rid of all dirt, and you might need to visit an expert to have it cleaned. Waterless washes can be fantastic however, they won’t be effective in the event that you delay between washes, and even if you are able to clean your car without water in the right way.

If you are thinking of cleaning your car, don’t forget to go through our six simple steps to clean your car without water.


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