How to Clean a Car Interior – With 10 Cleaning Tips

Clean a Car Interior

If you travel a lot for work or have children and pets, then you’ve realized how difficult it is to keep the interior of your vehicle clean. Here are 10 tips for cleaning and tricks to help make your car’s interior shine.

1) Clear Trash

Before you take off your vacuum and cleaning products clean up all obvious garbage. Be sure to check the entire area. There’s probably trash on the floors, under the seats, as well as in the cracks in the seats. Get rid of bottles, wrappers toys, and any other items that your vacuum isn’t able to take on. There are cleaning techniques that only car detailers are aware of


2) Remove and Clean Floor Mats

Remove the carpets from the car and shake them as much as you can. This makes vacuuming easier. Scrub them with hot water and soap or foaming carpet cleaner and let them dry completely before installing them.


3) Vacuum Interior Car Seats and Floors

Vacuum the front and back seats as well as the floor, and when it is necessary the trunk. Vacuum any area of the vehicle that have access to the nozzle, for example, under your pedals, and on the sides of the door panels.


4) Wipe Away Grime and Dust

After the car has been clean, get the soft fabric as well as clean-up wipes to get rid of the sticky, dirty things and dust. Also, spray a small amount of specific cleaner for your car on the console the steering wheel, and in the space in between your seats in order to revive the look of a new car.


5) Clean Cup Holders

Cup holders may be home to dirt, coffee spills as well as dead hair and cellulite (yuck). Use the cotton swab that has been dipped in some cleaning solution to get into the difficult spots. In some cars, the entire cup holder can be removed to make cleaning easier.


6) Clean Interior Windows

Spray the cleaner solution on the windows and clean them with microfiber or a paper cloth. It is also possible to mix one cup of water, two tablespoons of vinegar and one cup of rubbing alcohol to create a potent homemade window cleaner. Here is our selection of the most effective 10 window cleaners for cars.


7) Remove Stains

If you notice spots on your seats or carpet (and we can guarantee that you will, especially when you have children!) make this home remedy. Use a spray bottle to, mix two cups of water with one cup of vinegar, and around a tablespoon of dish soap. Spray the stain on and allow it to sit for about 15 minutes. After that, wipe it clean using an aqueous cloth. If the stain remains you can try a product such as Spot Shot or Resolve. Do a spot-test in a dark area to ensure that you are using furniture fabric that has colorfastness.


8) Remove Pet Hair

If you’re a pet owner and you’ve experienced the agony of dealing with pet hair in your car. If your vacuum isn’t able to remove all fur, can try a glove with a rubber dip. Just brush away the hair by hand and it’ll stick to the glove as if by magic! To ensure your car’s interior is protected from future damages from pets, consider an abrasion-resistant seat protector that is waterproof such as this.


9) Get Into Crevices

Take a paint stirring tool or two the next time to your local hardware shop. Cover the ends using a microfiber fabric and make use of the stick to reach those difficult-to-access areas between the seats as well as around the console.


10) Make a Homemade Car Freshener

Create a freshener for your car by mixing one cup of baking soda as well as five drops of your favorite essential oil. Combine the oil and soda in a plastic bag that is sealable or glass jar and let it sit for 24 hours. Shake it then sprinkle it onto the floor of your car and allow it to rest in the car for about 20 mins. After 20 minutes have passed clean off the baking soda. The scent will last and make your car look fresh and clean! Do you plan on spending the afternoon cleaning your vehicle? Try these best-rated car cleaners.



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