The Types Of Car Washes With (Pros & Cons)

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Professional car washes can be completely automated or performed by hand. This article will help you determine which one is best for your car wash, your time, and your budget.

If you’re unable to make it happen on your own there are a variety of ways to have your vehicle cleaned. It doesn’t matter if it requires a spa treatment or just a quick bath, find out the advantages and disadvantages of various car wash services.

It’s also essential to know the degree of thoroughness of a car washed varies according to the car model and the technique. Use your best judgment in deciding the best car wash for your vehicle.

Self-Service Car Washes

Get your hands dirty (without making use of any equipment) in a self-service car wash that typically is less expensive than 10 dollars. Make use of their water hoses as well as sponges, soaps, and detergents simply pay attention to the finer details and apply elbow grease. Make sure you have towels to dry. Rinsing, washing, and drying just one section at a time can make it easier to avoid water spots.

Make sure to utilize this option only for inappropriate conditions. If you’ve been driving for a long time and your car is not cool enough to clean. your soap is likely to dry out and cause spots to appear before you can clean it. It’s the same when washing in the sun hitting you.

  • Affordable – only pay for the time and product you need
  • No need to purchase the equipment and supplies
  • Can be performed quickly
  • Cross-contamination: reusing dirty brushes and equipment.
  • Limited services: only basic wash and vacuum
  • Highly susceptible to scratches when rushed

Automated Car Washes

Automated car washes in-bay pull your vehicle along a conveyor belt, while machines disperse water and soap. Automated car washes are the most efficient and economical option that can cost between $5 to $10. Cleaning the undercarriage and wheels and tires as well as using other waxes and soaps can cost more generally $1 to $2 per additional service.

  • The fastest option
  • Very cheap and affordable
  • Semi-convenient: You don’t have to wash, but still need to wait in line and drive to a specific location
  • Very basic, limited service availability
  • Limited reach, one size fits all concept (areas may be missed) – no human attention to detail
  • Risk of cross-contamination with other previous dirty vehicles = scratch-prone

Soft Touch Car Washes

There are automated soft-touch car washes that make use of cloth to scrub cars as well as no-touch automated car washes that only use high-pressure soap and high-pressure water (not foam).

Soft-touch washes give the most thorough cleaning. In the event that the vehicle wash employs brushes, they typically extend to every inch of the vehicle and help in the removal of pollen and dust. However, the force generated by brushes can cause damage to the side-view mirrors and antennas. In the event that the wash employs large strips of cloth and the car needs to be thoroughly rinsed prior to the cloth comes into contact with it as otherwise, the cloth may cause dirt to scratch paint.

  • One of the most efficient options
  • Affordable and very cheap
  • Semi-convenient: You don’t need to clean, but you will have to stand in line, and then drive to a particular place
  • Basic, with limited service accessibility
  • A limited scope One size does not fit all (areas could be missed) There is no care for the smallest of details

No-Touch Car Wash

The car washes are made with no-touch cloth and are brushes-free, so you’re less likely to get scratched. They also require less water, which is important if you’re looking to be kind to the surroundings. However, without the use of brushes or cloth strips, a wash without touch could be less efficient. No-touch washes that depend on cleaners that are more powerful to compensate for the deficiency of strips of brushes or cloth could harm the paint.


  • One of the fastest choices
  • Cheap and not very inexpensive
  • It is a good idea to provide more services than an automated car wash.
  • Basic, with limited service accessibility
  • Risk of cross-contamination with clean vehicles – scratch-prone
  • Uses products of low-quality

Hand Car Wash

Experts washing your car by hand employ top-quality equipment and examine every inch carefully and make sure to get rid of any dirt or water spots that automated car washes could overlook. However, hand washing is not without risk. Utilizing the same sponge to wash the painted surfaces of your vehicle as well as the wheel wells and tires is a common error that introduces abrasives in washing. Be sure to use the most effective practices, like washing and cleaning sponges as well as microfiber towels regularly.

It is possible to spend money on detailing, waxing, and interior cleaning and, in some instances, make sure you have the annual state inspection completed. The only drawback is the additional time and expense. Hand car washes range between $15 and $35. If your vehicle needs some attention, it might be worth the cost.


  • The price is reasonable However, it’s not the cheapest
  • It is not necessary to purchase the equipment and materials
  • Offers more care than Automatic Car Washes
  • You don’t need to wash the car by yourself
  • More services are available than Auto & DIY Car Washes
  • It is often a rush job because of the excessive overhead costs
  • The tendency is to utilize low-quality and cheap products
  • You must drive to the station and stand in line for a while: time-consuming


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