Is it Safe to Wash a Car Engine? You Need to Know

So we received a photograph of a New Toyota Vios being treated to an engine wash with the same foamy, presumably soapy solution that you usually encounter at auto wash stores. The photo’s submitter was “Would you do this to your brand-new car?”

What is it?


That’s what I’d think If I were an alarmist. However, I’m not. I’d probably not think about it when I saw a brand new car such as the Vios. If you examine the parts of the engine compartment and you’ll see how the connectors for electrical power appear somewhat different from the ones of cars that were built 10 years earlier. The majority of cars–but not all of them, since there are some cars using the traditional electrical connectors of the 1980s and 1990s–now utilize what’s referred to as “weather-sealed” connectors.

Also, you’ll notice that your ECU is located in the compartment for engines. This means that it’s going to be sealed against the weather. It isn’t waterproof however it can stand up to the rigors of some amount of humidity before it gets wet. In fact, there’s a greater chance of water bursting through the weather seals of connectors through drops of water that are released from a pressure washer likely to be used to wash off the foam. But the pressure washers employed by detailing and car wash establishments won’t be strong enough to break through the seal (at least, not at the angles or distances which the spray nozzles are generally oriented).

There is a greater risk of harm if you choose to drive your vehicle through roads that are flooded. In addition, obviously, that foam applicators, like those used in the image also work at less pressure than an ordinary pressure washer.

In a modern car equipped with “hardened” electricals, things such as that shouldn’t cause much harm however, you’re not doing your engine compartment any favors since there are many different ways to keep the engine bay spotless and not shiny. Personally, I’d avoid using the engine wash and instead use clean rags or a duster or compressed air to remove the dirt in the compartment of your car. Also, you can visit a water-free engine detailer which can also conserve water.

At times, I may employ a pressure washer on one of my oilcake vehicles to remove the grime that’s formed on particular areas of the engine such as those with an oil leak I’ll need to locate. However, even in that case, I’d be more likely to employ a commercially-available degreaser which is better suited for the job before firing an electric pressure washer at the engine.

That’s why an engine wash should merely be Plan B and should be used only when absolutely required.

Remember that, generally speaking, any application you make to the surfaces of your car with a slippery or slippery feel–even though they appear fresh at first, it will stick to and attract dirt and dust more than if the surface were not coated with a “protectant” or “product” put on them.

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of The Engine Cleaning?


1. The engine compartment is now clean.

2. You’ll feel comfortable knowing that you’ve got a tidy and sparkling engine bay.

3. It keeps the car wash workers employed and free from the criminal world.

4. Your mechanic will be happy as it’s more efficient to work in the engine bay when the engine bay isn’t dirty.


1. There’s always that chance that it’s not your day to be lucky, and you’ll get water-related grumbles.

2. Your budget is heavier for something that you could have made yourself.

3. You can’t have the complete satisfaction of cleaning your own vehicle.

4. You offer your “car expert” neighbor something to discuss with you.


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