3 Best Methods to Remove Scratches From Your Car


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How do you remove “Barely There” Car Scratches

It’s not a secret that car paint can scratch easily. Have you ever put a shopping bag on your roof, hood, or the lid of your trunk and then taken it off? The result is immediate scratches.

But don’t freak out. It’s possible to get rid of these minor scratches with paint yourself in under an hour and for under $30. To determine if your scratch can be repaired with this method test your finger over the area of the scratch. If your fingernail glides across the scratch but doesn’t catch in it, it’s probably a minor scratch that’s easy to polish out. If the scratch does catch your fingernail it’s an opportunity for the body shop.

If your scratch is eligible then you should purchase 3000-grit Sandpaper as well as polishing and rubbing compound, as well as polishing pads. Also, you’ll need an electric drill that is portable or a double-action (DA) polisher. You can purchase most of the parts off-the-shelf in any auto parts shop. You can also purchase an entire scratch-removing kit.

You might have heard of the toothpaste method of removing scratches. It is only effective for superficial scratches. Toothpaste is as rough as 3,000-grit sandpaper, and functions as a polishing agent. If you do not have the required tools and materials This is an excellent alternative to get rid of tiny scratches.

The tools you’ll need

  • Drill with cordless technology
  • Polishing pad for compound polish

Materials you’ll require

  • 3000-grit sandpaper
  • Microfiber towel
  • Polishing compound
  • Rubbing compound

1. Sand off the paint scratch on the car

Saturate the scratch with water and use sandpaper, and gently sand until the surface appears bland and the scratch no longer appears. Clean the surface using a microfiber towel.

2. Apply the compound

Rub the rubbing compound on the polishing pad, and then apply it to the pad. After that, you can run the polisher drill at 1200 rpm until there is a faint cloud. After that, apply a polishing compound to bring back the shine.

How do I get rid of small car scratches?

Small scratches are enough to prevent your fingernail from getting stuck in our test. These scratches have been carved to the surface coat. But don’t fret that you are able to get the scratch out with a few tools and materials. Be sure to clean your vehicle before trying to get rid of the scratch. Check out the steps below for a simple method to follow.

Materials You’ll Be Needing

  • Microfiber towel
  • Polishing compound
  • Rubbing compound

1. Apply the Scratch-Removal product

Place a quarter-sized piece of bead on the scrubbing pad, and then apply directly to the scratch. The product should be incorporated into the area of scratch and also around the area.

2. Remove the residue

Clean up any residue using an e-wringer.

3. Repeat the process two to three times.

It’s safe to try this technique a few times. There may be a small improvement with the scratches after attempting the method once, but it hasn’t disappeared completely. Give it another few sessions and the scratches will become more difficult to detect.

How to Get Rid of Deep Car Scratches?

Deep scratches in paint are more difficult to deal with, but they can still be removed with a little patience. If you can see through to the metal panel then this method is for you. Similar to all strategies, wash your car prior to trying to get rid of the scratch.

The tools you’ll need

  • Sandpaper
  • Polishing pad
  • Microfiber towel

Materials you’ll be needing

  • Masking tape
  • Paper
  • Car wax

1. Sand the area that has been scratched.

Sand Use sandpaper of 2,000-grit until you are able to reach the car’s metallic panel. Always be sure to sand towards the scratch. There is no reason to make additional scratches.

2. Spray primer and paint the sanded area

Cover the area by using masking tape and paper to avoid spreading primer or paint to the surrounding area. Spray automotive primer over the area, and let it dry. Then, apply the car’s paint. It’s sometimes difficult to identify the right shade, but the specifications from the manufacturer will provide you with the color code that matches the paint you have. Apply a substantial amount of paint to the surface, and allow it to dry.

3. Polish till the entire area is in line with the rest of the car.

The newly painted area should blend in with that of the other areas on your vehicle by polishing the paint. Place a quarter-sized piece of bead on the polishing cloth or microfiber, and rub it in a circular motion until all polish has been taken off.


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